Brief History


March 2003: AARK signs up store development agreement with Dunkin Brands.

November 2003:Store number one developed and open for business.


July 2006: Our 2nd Store was developed and opened, including construction of a new building.


November 2006: Store number 3 was purchased from existing Franchise.

January 2007: Store number 4 was developed and opened on Jan 01.


March 21, 2007: Our 5th location was an existing Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins and was purchased on March 21, 2007.


March 26, 2007: Store number 6 was developed as a new Dunkin Donuts and was opened in March 26, 2007.

September 2007: Store number 7 was a newly renovated Dunkin Donuts store and was purchased on Sept 14th, 2007.